What is the company culture?

In traditional Italian families, some of life’s greatest joys take place around the table. Italians understand the magic created when the joys of conversations and intimacy mingle with the pleasures of beautiful food and drink.

At Russo’s, we strive to recreate this phenomenon between family and friends at every meal. It’s not just the food, it’s the experience that keeps guests coming back. They come for warmth, conversation and a sense of belonging.

Generations in the Making

Traditions provide a means to honor and maintain bonds with our ancestors. Chef Russo’s family traditions play a role in every aspect of the business—the preparation of each authentic recipe, the warm welcome shown to each guest, the respect given to every employee—all passed down through generations, never to be forgotten.

“Because our company holds our family name and recipes, we’re dedicated to continuing the family tradition. Every day, I’m honored to have this legacy passed on to us.” – Chef Anthony Russo, Russo’s New York Pizzeria CEO and Founder

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For international markets, Russo's offers area development opportunities, which secures a city or region for multi-unit development over a period of years. We do not currently offer single units in international markets.